Won’t wool bedding be hot?

No, because (this is where the magic of wool comes in) wool regulates body temperature better than any other fibre! It absorbs body moisture and heat, then releases it back into the atmosphere to keep you comfortable all night long — which is something other fibres like down, polyester and memory foam can’t do. Wool’s ability to keep your bedding dry and free from moisture & odour also makes it a natural repellent for dust mites.

Will my pillow/duvet cover fit?

The best bedding makes sleep better and life easier, so yes - our bedding will fit all standard covers and protectors. When choosing your bedlinen, we recommend choosing a low thread count in a natural fibre for better breathability.

Should I ‘fluff’ my pillow?

Yes - besides the fact it’s fun to do (riiight?), a quick fluff each morning will keep The Classic pillow in optimal condition. Our wool loft is engineered to be revived to its original puffiness with one quick fluff - see full care instructions here.

Can I wash my bedding?

You can -but you don't need to. To keep your bedding clean simply air it outside or tumble dry it on air setting (no heat) for 15 minutes once a month. If you wish to give it a more thorough clean, please follow the individual care label on your bedding See full care instructions here.

What size duvet should I be buying?

We agree with sleep experts that your duvet should be one size bigger than your mattress for ultimate comfort and warmth. So, for a queen bed - a king duvet is the size we would recommend and for those with a double or king single bed, we would suggest The Lofty in a queen size.

How warm is The Lofty?

The Lofty has been designed for year-round use and has an approximate weight of 350gsm. Please note, some sleepers may find themselves layering The Lofty with another wool blanket on particularly cool nights.

Will my bed smell like sheep?

Natural products have natural scents, but don't worry - if you do happen to notice a faint woolly smell this will gradually disappear.

Does it hurt to take wool off the sheep?

Not at all. Shearing isn’t painful — it’s how we keep our sheep healthy and comfortable. Lora Valley Farm is a Responsible Wool Certified Grower, so you can feel good knowing our sheep are happy roaming the hills as they should be. Learn more about our sheep here or join our mailing list to meet some of the flock!

What's your return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee — which means you have a full 30 days to trial your bedding and if you’re not totally in love with it, we’ll refund your money! Read the details here.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping New Zealand wide. More shipping info here.