Redefining a good night's sleep

Meet the Flok

Lora (our farm)
& Flok (our sheep)

The wool in your bedding is exclusively sourced from our sheep on Lora Valley at the bottom of the South Island. As 5th generation sheep farmers, we wanted to 'do our bit' to share the benefits of this beautiful natural fibre.

Our Story

Your Words

"Just letting you know, I absolutely adore my new pillow. I’ve slept on it for 2 weeks now and have slept my best sleep ever!"

Helen Robertshaw

Your Words

“Every detail about this pillow is the absolute truth. I’m excited to climb into bed knowing I won’t spend patches of sleep awake while punching, flipping and fighting with my pillow. Thank you both, your beautiful family and all the [woolly] contributors to your bedding range.”

Linda Hildeman

Your Words

"I get hot and my husband runs colder and the Lofty has been perfect for the both of us! It’s super lightweight and actually fits in the duvet cover perfectly without needing to be shaken back into place all the time. We are so impressed!"

Shana Black

Your Words

“This pillow is perfection. I used to have a bambillo but The Classic is even better and I love the fact that the range is NZ-made.”

Fi Forsythe

Your Words

I used to change my pillowcase every couple nights because of sweat but now I don’t need to. It’s crazy how something as warm as wool can keep you cool AND warm at the same time. The pillow’s ace!”

Dave Tuck