What dreams are made of

Meet the Flok

Lora (our farm)
& Flok (our sheep)

The wool in your bedding is exclusively sourced from our sheep on Lora Valley at the bottom of the South Island. As 5th generation sheep farmers, we know a thing or two about this beautiful natural fibre.

Our Story

Your Words

I am a lover of natural products so I was super excited to try Lora & Flok. I’ve since had some fabulous night’s sleep - bed is my happy place and now it’s made so much better!”

Shelley Price 

Your Words

“I never used to consider myself a ‘pillow person.’ But now I 100% get why people bring their own pillows when they travel! L&F has ruined all other pillows for me (in the best way possible)”

Laura Tuck

Your Words

"This duvet's fantastic! It's not as big and bulky as my previous down duvet, yet it's at least as warm if not warmer and gives a snugger feel.”

Nathan Middleton

Your Words

“I’ve had the same pillow for YEARS, so before trying Lora & Flok I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to replicate the same shape and feel. But honestly, the process of customising it was easy. It almost felt too easy.”

Hannah Baylis 

Your Words

I used to change my pillowcase every couple nights because of sweat but now I don’t need to. It’s crazy how something as warm as wool can keep you cool AND warm at the same time. The pillow’s ace!”

Dave Tuck